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You often discover a new vocabulary at a new church! We can help you find your way during moments where you may feel unsure of what is happening and/or what you should do or simply what on earth they're talking about! 

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Those who assist the priest in preparation both for and during the service.

Altar Guild
Those who who prepare and care for the Altar.  They are responsible for all Altar Appointments: The Crosses, Gospel, Missal, Candles, Vessels, Linens, Colors of the Season, Flowers, Communion Bread and Wine used in the service.

Alternate Liturgies
Less gender specific liturgies utilizing modern wording.  All forms of these services offer Communion.

Apostolic Succession
In addition to the Episcopal denomination, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and the Assyrian Church of the East all claim Apostolic Succession. This claim is a direct historical lineage of touch dating back to the original Twelve Apostles. Within these churches, all bishops have been touched by a bishop as from the beginning of the Twelve Apostles as they were touched, blessed and given the Holy Spirit by Jesus.  They are seen as those who possess the full priesthood and can ordain clergy – including the consecration of other bishops with their touch during their consecration.  When you have been baptized, confirmed or received by the Bishop you have received a touch that began with Jesus.

You may receive a “Blessing” at communion rather than communion. Stand or kneel at the Altar Rail with your arms crossed. The priest will bless you and make the sign of the cross on your forehead.

Book of Common Prayer (BCP)
The Episcopal Church publishes its own Book of Common Prayer as do many other denominations. The BCP contains most of the worship services used in the Episcopal Church and is a source of reflection and theology for Episcopalians.

Parishioners often bow when passing in front of the altar. 
Chalice Bearers
The men or women who serve the Chalice of wine during communion.

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